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Commercial Hair Care Brands are nearly 100% Synthetic Chemicals


    Propylene Glycol commonly used in commercial hair products is also used as Anti-freeze for your car! Cheap chemical preservatives are routinely used to maintain stability and prolong shelf life.


    Commercial shampoos contain up to 50% sulfates (SLS, SLES being common) which are a cheap way to increase product volume and create huge foaming while stripping your hair and scalp bone dry.


    Included as a way to create shiny hair, these polymers coat your hair over time leaving it dull and lifeless.


    Synthetic chemical detergents manufactured in factories around the world are added to clean but can be dangerous and very damaging to your hair/scalp and health.

ManeLine Shampoo Alternatives from Nature


    Using natural ingredients with thousands of years of history simply works better than today’s synthetics. No Parabens. No Sulfates. No Silicones - EVER


    Choose from our 10 fragrance selections, use un-fragranced or fragrance it yourself! The choice is yours to create a product as unique as you are.


    ManeLine Products clean the grime from your hair while leaving the natural oils that condition and protect your hair and scalp.


    Every bottle of ManeLine NoPoo is bottled and fragranced per order each day providing you the highest quality and greatest freshness.

Moneyback Guarantee

You'll love it or we'll refund your purchase. It's that simple.

  • My hair feels more healthy. I was worried that NoPoo would make my hair MORE frizzy, but gentle the non-foaming formula left my hair less damaged than using SLS based shampoo.

    • Emily B.
    • ManeLine User
  • I found that by using ManeLine Shampoo Alternative daily my hair actually became healthier, had more volume, and softer.

    • Sarah B.
    • ManeLine User
  • I had my doubts about ManeLine No Poo and its ability to condition my hair, but after the first few days the benefits became very apparent. No more soap residue on my scalp, it was conditioning well and knots were easily untangled, and most importantly, my hair and scalp felt clean.

    • Nedra D.
    • ManeLine User
  • I had been struggling with my method for two months and nothing was really working. I started over with this shampoo alternative and I couldn't be happier with my results.

    • Margaret M.
    • ManeLine User

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