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5 Quick Beard Care Tips

by Jeffery Kufalk July 20, 2016

Having an awesome beard is not just about forgetting to shave.  Sure, you can grow some scruff with no attention, but if you want a beard that's going to draw attention, look great and continue to grow, it requires a small amount of attention.

We encounter a lot of guys who guys who have excellent potential in their beards, but despite their efforts they are having trouble getting their beard to behave like they want.

Here are a few simple tips which can help you get the most out of your beard.

1.  Give it time.

It's been a couple of weeks, your razor is getting rusty and your face is itching every time you move your head.  Resist the urge to scratch your new beard!  It will get better after a few weeks, once you grow out to a little more than 1/2 inch.  

Another thing you should really consider is resisting the urge to trim significantly until you've grown your beard out for a couple of months.  It's much easier to shape a longer beard than it is to start shaping from day 1.  Many times, people find that their beards look better when they grow out and THEN trim vs trimming very early.  This is even true if you intend to keep your beard very short.  Let it grow first.

2.  NO SOAP!

Two of the worst things you can do for your beard is (a) not washing it at all, and (b) washing it with soap of any kind.  Your beard needs cleansing and conditioning the same as your hair does, and soap will strip the LIFE out of your beard leaving it dry, brittle, frizzy and constantly breaking.  We naturally recommend our Beard Wash as a natural and gentle cleanser which won't strip your beard of the natural oils.  Additionally, soap will dry your face excessively causing more itching.  Just don't do it mkay?

3.  Moisturize your beard.

Pick a high quality beard oil, or beard balm and apply daily.  Your beard products should be free from silicones, sulfates, alcohols and harsh chemicals.  Less is truly more when it comes to ingredients in your products.  

When moisturizing your beard (which you should be doing daily, especially if longer than 1"), apply a few drops of oil or a small amount of balm to your fingers, and gently distribute through your beard, all the way up to and including the roots.  When you are done applying, you know you have the right amount when you can run your fingers through your beard and they are dry, not oily.  If they are oily, you are using too much product.  

4.  Use the right tools.

Yes, you've got hair care tools at home, but there are some differences when it comes to the scruff.  For trimming, we recommend you use a high quality pair of hair or beard scissors.  A clippers is great, and can be used for big jobs or hard-line shaping once you have the hang of it, but don't start with clippers.  You'll find yourself trimming off WAY more than you want/should, and when you make a mistake with the clippers, it's BIG.  Go for the scissors and keep the trimming light.  Take your time.

Another item which we would highly recommend is a good beard comb.  A beard comb differs from a standard comb in the spacing of the teeth.  This is important as the longer your beard grows, the more likely you are to break individual hair strands by the stress of a tight comb or brush.  Lacking a beard comb, use your fingers.

5.  You are what you eat.

Maintaining good skin, hair and yes, beard, starts from the inside out!  Eating a decent balanced diet will help your skin and hair tremendously.  Do remember to be careful to not bring home half your meal in your beard.  Take your time & use a napkin.  The only thing better than a balanced diet is WATER.  Drink drink drink...  Hydration is absolutely essential for your skin and hair.  

In all, caring for your beard should take less than 5 minutes per day, and it's 5 minutes that are well worth your time in growing that epic beard.

Jeffery Kufalk
Jeffery Kufalk


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