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Excerpts from recent Reddit AMA - Ask Me Anything

by Jeffery Kufalk August 22, 2017

Ask Me Anything

We recently held an “AMA” or “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, to help share our story and answer some questions.  It was a lot of fun, and we look forward to hosting another later this year.  Here are some of the highlights! [read the whole post here]


Q - /u/pumpupthejams:  Is Skinchanted coming back? I bought a handful of your non-poo products last year and am ready for a stock-up :)

A -  Long story short - YES!

Short story long - After we closed down the physical store, we went back online solely, and were struggling at gaining solid traction on the entire gamut of products we had. We quickly found that haircare was a great niche for our NoPoo product, so we rebranded and launched ManeLine Hair Care where we focus on hair care products.

Now that ManeLine is running solidly, we can start shifting our focus back to Skinchanted and the skincare side. We look forward to launching that this year, focusing on our soaps again.


Q - /u/MssingPiece: I've never heard of non-foaming shampoo. What are the benefits? How do you know if your hair is clean? I ask because a good foam on the second wash tells me my hair is clean.

A - One of the big lies in traditional/commercial shampoo is that massive head of foam and "squeaky clean" hair.

The foam you're getting is caused by sulfates / surfactants. They're in there to 'lift' grease & dirt from your hair/scalp by altering the surface tension of the water.

The problems you get from it are a couple.

1 - Sulfates & harsh surfactants strip your natural hair oil along with dirt/grime which causes your hair to become excessively dry, or worse yet, excessively oily while your scalp reacts to replace the oil that was stripped from it.

2 - When people use foaming shampoo, they tend to use WAAAYYY more than necessary. Bigger the foam, better the clean right? This just further damages hair & scalp while wasting a ton of shampoo.

You can't really gauge your hair cleanliness by the # of times you wash. It's more when you get out and how your hair styles & looks when it's dry.


Q - /u/RedBlimp: In a sentence or less, what is the greatest benefit your product offers to a buyer?

A - Healthier hair & scalp making styling easier in less time for less money.


Q - /u/Fender2: Does Baldness correlate with Erectile dysfunction?

A - It can correlate, but generally only when there's a hormonal imbalance that causes both.

I can assure you though, as a bald man for 20+ years it doesn't always correlate (well, at least last night there wasn't any correlation).


Q - /u/kajnbagoat: How hard is it for you to compete with the overly advertised products out there?  And are your products tested on anybody?

A -  It's a challenge for sure. We can't do big magazine ads or $10k/day on FB (I talk to a LOT of people spending $10k-$50k+ per DAY on FB), so we rely on doing everything we can to get our product out in front of people.

Reddit has been a GREAT resource for us. We can actually interact with the client and talk about our stuff as well as give recommendations either in our product line or outside of it. Those relationships are pretty big for small biz. That personal touch is worth a lot. Reputation as a small business is everything. "Under-promise & Over-deliver" is what we live by.

We do also advertise on FB (and of course here too) which has been going pretty well. Again, just a matter of getting it in front of the right people in the right way.

[regarding product testing] We have not had them lab tested, but do extensive research on all ingredients when we design a product. At that point, we use it ourselves of course, and send to a small focus group for feedback.

Eventually we would like to have some certifications on the products, but at the moment it's simply cost prohibitive. 


Q - /u/missrebecca_: How many times do I wash my hair with the mixtures during the transition period?

A - It depends largely on your hair type and how balanced or damaged your scalp is already. In general, we recommend washing at the same frequency you do now, and then slowly start skipping days until you find an optimal period where you can go without washing (or just using water only) for a few days and then a shampoo day.

This also really helps extend the product. Our 16oz bottles last most people 3 months!


 Q /u/hellenkellercard:  Would you recommend your products for someone with psoriasis?

A -  It honestly depends on how bad your psoriasis is. If you are being regularly treated by a doctor, and they are recommending certain shampoos & skin care, you are likely best off going with their advice.

If you have mild psoriasis that you generally care for at home, I would personally recommend our "Natural/African" formula as it has the fewest ingredients and will be the mildest product we offer. 


Q - /u/iwas99x:  What should I wash my Beard and Mustache with? And what can help me style my beard and mustache from being all over the place or matted but styled the way I want? 

A -  A couple of things here.

First, DO NOT wash your beard & mustache with soap. Nope, NEVER. Shampoo is really not ideal either as, just like your head, it will strip the oils from your face and facial hair which will leave you itchy & with a beard that breaks constantly.

Literally ANY of our blends will work for your mustache/beard (I had a goatee for the last few years & just shaved it off, used the shampoo alternative daily on it).

From there, you will certainly benefit from a beard oil or a pomade. The pomade will give you deeper conditioning and allow for styling while oils will simply keep your beard soft and hydrated.


We [/u/jef4y] can be found on Reddit, generally lingering in /r/nopoo or /r/malehairadvice.  Feel free to chat us up or ask us anything!  We will host another AMA in the fall, and will email our tribe beforehand so you can participate! 













Jeffery Kufalk
Jeffery Kufalk


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