Is your routine damaging your hair?

by Jeffery Kufalk September 29, 2016

Let's be honest.  Everyone has problems with their hair from time to time, but do you know what the cause is?  Most people have a tough time figuring it out as hair problems tend to happen slowly before you notice it, and many of those problems may be happening because of the way you are caring for your hair.

We researched common hair problems related to routines and found several easy things that can help you maintain your healthy hair.

Are you damaging your hair by brushing it?

Brushing Problems

  • Brushing too much.  Avoid brushing your hair more than once or twice per day.  The tension from the brush bristles will naturally snag and break some hair each brushing.  A better, workable alternative is to use your fingers more.
  • Brushing at the wrong time.  Brush your hair first thing in the morning when you wake up to distribute the oils accumulated by your scalp and first 1/2" of hair overnight.
  • Improper brushing. When brushing long hair, it's important to start at the bottom, slowly working your way to the scalp to remove snags, then brush downwards to distribute oils.
  • Improper tools. Using a prepping paddle or wide toothed comb on wet hair is strongly advised to help straighten hair and prevent snags before going to a finer brush.
  • Dirty or Old tools. Brushes will need to be replaced from time to time varying by use and hair type.  Something people tend to overlook is a routine cleaning of their hairbrushes and tools.  This is extremely important due to oil buildup and bacteria breeding.  Simply washing your brush once a week with a sulfate and silicone free shampoo will help extend the life dramatically.


Are you damaging your hair by overstyling it?

Styling Problems

  • Tight ponytails.  Wearing hair tied back in a tight ponytail daily places a lot of stress on the hair shaft which will weaken it over time and potentially impact growth.  If you have to wear your hair back daily, try a loose ponytail or pinning the hair instead of a tight ponytail.
  • Using too much product.  Most hair care products (gels, volumizers, sprays, serums etc) contain sulfates, silicones, alcohols etc which are extremely drying and damaging to the hair.  (More about silicones here)  Styling products should be as natural as possible (here's ours). 
  • Frequent coloring.  Coloring is extremely harsh on the hair and scalp, so it should be done as infrequently as possible.  Your best course of action is a reduced washing schedule and washing with a sulfate free shampoo.
  • Too much heat.  Flat ironing, curling and even hot blow drying can be very damaging to your hair.  A water-soluble heat protection serum is highly recommended for styles requiring frequent application of heat.




Jeffery Kufalk
Jeffery Kufalk


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