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Monroe Teasedale classic Teasing brush

Teasdale Brush.  When teasing with this brush, act the brush in a "C" shape, do not just brush up and down.


The Teasedale is great for up-dos, artistic styling and everyday!

This high-performance brush is engineered to easily create maximum volume with minimum breakage. 3 rows of 100% first-cut boar bristle, each at a different level, provide better traction than a traditional teasing brush, meaning you get more volume with fewer passes through the hair thus less breakage.

The high-quality of the natural boar bristle is gentle on hair and extensions, evenly distributing product and your natural oils. The narrow head provides precision and control for refining everyday styles (see how in this video).

Teasedale is made out of poplar wood...so it's hypoallergenic. Plus, the ergonomic shape makes it easy to use. How many times did we say "easy"? Go for major volume!!


  • 100% first-cut premium natural boar bristle is gentle on hair
  • precision head = multiple styling options
  • 3 rows of bristle at different heights gives added effectiveness
  • lightweight, hypoallergenic poplar wood
  • ergonomic shape for ease of use

YOU HAVE: any type

YOU WANT: backcombing, teasing, major volume, control to refine styles


How to tease with the Teasedale... it's not what you think! Learn how to create maximum volume with minimum breakage, from professional stylist and educator Sally Rogerson and our friends at Modern Salon:

Top 5 Things to do with the Teasedale, that aren't teasing! Learn how this powerful little brush can be your secret weapon for a great hair day:

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