Our Story

ManeLine Hair Care was created by Skinchanted in 2016, to separate out our Hair Care products from our Skin Care products, allowing each brand to better fit our customers needs.

Why we do what we do? It’s simple really. We are humans, just like you, and are constantly bombarded with million-dollar marketing targeted to make us buy “the next great thing”. Trouble is, more often than not, that “great” thing just isn’t so great.

We began our quest into hair care on a simple premise: Cut the BS and deliver a NATURAL product that works! Of course, that proved a little easier said than done. 

After nearly 2 years of research and testing we released “Peek-A-Poo” shampoo alternative under our parent brand Skinchanted. Leveraging traditional, all-natural ingredients used for thousands of years for hair care, this product gained traction very quickly.

We have seen the difference an alternative shampoo and hair care products can create in ourselves as well as our clients. From reducing dry/itchy scalp, moisturizing dry/brittle hair, controlling oily hair; to delivering a clean scalp and shiner hair with bouncier curls, that was easier to style/manage.

We think it’s pretty cool, and really believe you will too!

Our Goals:

  • Under Promise – Over Deliver
  • Deliver World-Class Customer Service
  • Know our clients as individuals
  • Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Be Cool, Love Fiercely, Live Passionately

Our team consists of a cranky bald guy who spends too much time on Reddit, a beautifully creative yet wholly impatient woman who asks too many questions; and a pair of French Bulldogs who wonder how they landed in the middle of this mess, but appreciate the treats just the same. 

Cranky bald guy

Creative Impatient one!

Chaplin & Oona

When we're not filling boxes, making products or catching up with you online, we love spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking. Of course, we LOVE to travel as well and don't miss an opportunity to try something new (like going to Nepal in 2016!).