COVID-19 Impacts to ManeLine Hair Care

As with the rest of the world, ManeLine is dealing with impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Here's what you can expect.

Shipping Impacts

We use USPS Priority mail for all domestic US shipments.  Unfortunately we are seeing delays that run as long as 2 weeks.  As we emerge from the election and holiday seasons, we believe that shipping times will become more normal.  Please bear with us and the USPS as we go through this.  

International Orders

Due to shipping and customs problems around the globe, at this time we have restricted shipping to US and Canada.  As shipping becomes more stable we will continue to reopen other world markets.

Supply Issues

Currently the only issue we are having is with packaging.  You may notice your caps are different colors than you're used to.  At the moment, we're focusing on function over fashion.  We hope to be back to our stylish selves very soon.  

Our safety and yours

Since Feb of 2020, our entire crew (all both of us) has been working from home, and basically quarantined from the general public.  As all product manufacturing and fulfillment is done in-house, we have reduced any possibility of exposure to COVID-19.  Additionally, based on the lifespan of the virus on surfaces, and our shipping/delivery times, we remain confident of our product safety to our end customers.    

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please  Email us!