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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your products last?

Obviously this varies from user to user, but in general a bottle of Shampoo Alternative will last between 2-4 months on average.  Many people extend that out significantly through reduced washing.  Pomades and beard oils will last 3+ months depending on usage.

    How long will your products keep in storage?

    Our products use a natural preservative which has a stated stability of 2 years.  With that in mind, we recommend you use your product within 1 year of purchase.  If you are planning on storing your products for a long time before use, refrigeration can help extend the storage duration.  

      Will I go through a "greasy phase" if I switch to your shampoo alternative?

      Potentially.  This as well, varies by the individual.  In our experience with the product roughly 1/4 of users switching to this product experience some sort of oily phase.  What is happening here is your scalp getting used to producing the correct amount of oil for your scalp and hair.  Commercial shampoo has been stripping it off for years and your scalp has adjusted by producing massive amounts of oil.  This can be reduced by brushing daily with a high quality boar bristle brush to distribute the oils throughout the length of your hair, and by washing with ManeLine Shampoo Alternative on a more frequent basis (i.e., if you're washing every 3rd day and having problems, try every other or even every day until your scalp adjusts).  In most cases, this problem resolves itself within 3-4 weeks.

        What is "Sebum"?

        Sebum is the oil your body naturally produces to nourish and protect your skin and hair.  The concentration of sebaceous glands on the scalp is great due to the amount of hair follicles present.

          How long will it take to receive my stuff?

          In general, if you are in the US, you should receive your order within 4 business days from ordering.  We ship USPS Priority for most items (single beard oils ship 1st class), and in most cases ship same or next business day.  
          If you are overseas, we ship via USPS 1st class mail.  This is the most cost-effective manner for our clients.  Shipping time is generally 6-10 days to most countries though it can take several weeks to arrive in very rare cases.

             Are your products Vegan safe?

            Absolutely! Check our ingredients to see that our products are friendly for vegan, vegetarian and paleo (and other) lifestyles.

              Are your products Organic?

              While our products are not certified organic, we do use certified organic ingredients wherever possible.  We do not make organic claims as there are very tight regulations around certifying claims for the word "organic".  Many small-batch brands disregard these regulations, so when in doubt, ask to see their NOP and USDA certifications.

                Are your products cruelty free and eco-sustainable?

                While we have not paid for certification, we go to great lengths to ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from reputable manufacturers/suppliers who ensure sustainability and cruelty free production.  Our products are all produced in-house, and are never tested on animals (though our Frenchies do get bathed with the Shampoo Alternative and their skin and coats love it!)

                  Got a question to add?  Email us!