ManeLine Ultimate Hair Care Combo

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Stop stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils, ease your dry or oily hair and soothe scalp your scalp problems the natural way.

Introducing ManeLine Shampoo Alternative.

ManeLine Shampoo Alternative is a natural, direct shampoo replacement used by a wide-variety of people looking for a natural alternative to traditional shampoo & conditioners. These people found that using a natural product, free from silicones, sulfates and phosphates resulted in fewer allergic reactions, and hair that is shinier, curls that are more bouncy and hair that is easier to style while using less product.

ManeLine Shampoo Alternative is available in 3 basic blends with a Dandruff/Itchy/Flaky scalp option for each.

Normal - Original: This blend is used by approximately 60% of our clients, and is good for all hair types including light dandruff, curly/coily hair, and dry/oily hair.  This blend should not be used on African hair or dreadlocks.  Vegan-friendly

Colored - Rainbow: This blend is best for those with color treated hair as it contains a natural dye-fixer to help extend the life of your color. Vegan-friendly