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Nepal Orphanage Donation 2019

Hello Friends,
As many of you know, we have been traveling to Nepal and India for several years.  In the process, we have adopted our very own orphanage which we support.  The orphanages in Nepal are 100% funded/supported via donation, there is no government assistance for these children.

Last year, when we were in Nepal, we helped out our ‘adopted’ orphanage which needed a security gate and money to get the power cut back on.  You guys pitched in and we donated +$1100 USD.  It was super impressive and made a huge difference for these people for over a year.
I got news yesterday 9/29/19 that their power was cut off again, as the food bills have increased due to the boys growing, and they are asking for help again.  
We are putting up $500 of our own, and wanted to ask if anyone here would be able to give a few bucks to help us out again.  We are collecting donations for 1 week only, 9/30/19 - 10/07/19, and will wire the funds collected immediately.
I know we all have our own problems/challenges/expenses, so we totally understand if you can’t, but if you can spare a few bucks, it will go a LONG way for these kids who live off of literally $1-$2 USD/day.
This donation may not be tax deductible. They do not have a US non-profit set up, and are a very small organization supporting around 30 kids in an area where child trafficking and abuse are rampant.